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U.S. Army chaplain Michael Cohen, Holocaust Remembrance Week guest speaker, addresses an audience during a remembrance service on Osan Air Base, April 12, 2018. Cohen, a Nashville native, enlisted in the Army, served five years to become a Chaplain and pursued rabbinical studies as a reservist. From April 9 to 13, 2018, the base hosted an opening ceremony, a film screening of Conspiracy, a 5K run, and a remembrance service held at the chapel (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Benjamin Raughton) Holocaust Remembrance: Forgiveness overcomes hate
The National Socialist German Worker’s Party, led by Adolf Hitler, systematically exterminated between six and nine million European Jews in concentration camps throughout their regime beginning in 1933. By 1945, more than 11 million people in total are estimated to have been murdered by the Nazis. More than 70 years later, Osan Air Base remembers the lives of the Jewish people who perished under the brutal dictatorship.
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Chaplain Corps holds PACAF Council Chaplain Corps holds PACAF Council
Senior members of the Chaplain Corps held a council here to discuss the future of the Corps and worked on common trends and issues affecting the warfighter that are seen across the Indo-Asia Pacific region Oct. 10 - 12. The Air Force Chaplain Corps mission is developing spiritually fit Airmen to fly, fight and win. While at the Pacific Air Forces
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