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Team Misawa supports Wisconsin guardsmen, executes mission Misawa supports Wisconsin ANG deployment in South Korea
Badgers aren’t normally considered flying animals, but when you give them some tools, an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet engine and a cool facility, they are more than capable to provide fully-functional jet engines that power highly-maneuverable aircraft.
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An F-16 Fighting Falcon assigned to the 36th Fighter Squadron takes off prior to the start of readiness exercise Beverly Midnight 16-01 from Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea March 7, 2016. Team Osan is participating in combat exercise Beverly Midnight 16-01 which is designed to test American forces in the ROK on their mission readiness in the event of an emergency or wartime environment. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Benjamin Sutton/Released) Osan prepares F-16s for Beverly Midnight 16-01
With hours before the start of combat readiness exercise Beverly Midnight 16-01, maintainers from the 36th Aircraft Maintenance Unit conduct final preparations and ensure the aircraft are prepared and ready … to Fight Tonight. These Airmen ensure F-16 Fighting Falcons are prepared and ready for the grueling pace they will be required to sustain throughout readiness exercise Beverly Midnight 16-01. The exercise focuses on readiness, testing Osan’s wartime procedures, and realistically looking at the ability to defend the base, execute operations and sustain follow-on forces.
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