U.S., Philippine Airmen talks pave way for continued cooperation


During the sixth annual U.S.-Philippines Airman-to-Airman talks, held August 1 to 4 in Manila, Philippine Air Force Maj. Gen. Rozzano D. Briguez, PAF vice commander, expressed optimism for the support coming from the United States and thanked both Philippine and U.S. delegates for their efforts in “unanimity and accord towards our defense and security engagements.”

His speech highlighted the importance of the Filipino value of “Kapwa,” or shared identity, and emphasized how U.S.-Philippines relations help deny aggression in the region, ensuring peace and security.

Briguez co-chaired the event, which was designed to reaffirm the two countries’ common commitment of securing peace of all people and governments in the region, with U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Craig D. Wills, Pacific Air Forces director of strategic plans, requirements and programs. They, along with various representatives from both air forces  ranging from intelligence and cyber security to training and nursing, worked to improve military cooperation between the U.S. and the Philippines and pave a way ahead for the years to come.

The goals of the A2A talks were to review the effectiveness of engagements, shape engagement priorities over the next several years, and strengthen the interoperability between both air forces.

“Our two nations share a deep desire for regional peace, security and stability that has forged the foundation for economic prosperity in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region,” said Wills. “We appreciate the deep military partnership between our countries and we look forward to future engagements working together towards common objectives.”

The U.S. and Philippines have a robust military relationship and each air force participates in a number of events such as Balikatan, Pacific Angel, and Bilateral Air Contingent Exchanges. The A2A talks is just one of many key engagements that enable PACAF and PAF leaders to streamline tactics, techniques and procedures to help strengthen the U.S.-Philippine bilateral relationship.

“These events will help us all to improve our capabilities and ability to respond to any issue in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region and this forum provides an opportunity to strengthen partnerships to exchange information and work together,” said Wills. “Simply put, as Airmen, we share many common goals and we can make a difference by collaborating to enhance peace, security and stability in the region.”