Latest Roll Call discusses contacting Airmen directly

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This week's Roll Call discusses how the Air Force chief of staff wants to expand on the information receiving process through a direct e-mail program.

E-mails from "" come directly from Gen. T. Michael Moseley.

Airmen are encouraged to discuss these messages with fellow Airmen and their chain of command. This communication is a way for General Moseley to reach out directly to Airmen and share the issues that are important to the Air Force.

One of General Moseley's top priorities for the Air Force is taking care of Airmen and their families and this new e-mail program will help him do just that. When people get an e-mail directly from the chief of staff, they'll know they're getting important information firsthand.

The initiative uses the Air Force's new e-mail program, E-mail for Life, which links Airmen to a single e-mail account that will follow them throughout their career.

General Moseley's office conducted a test of the CSAF e-mail program July 10 to ensure the system will work when General Moseley begins sending out his e-mail messages.

In addition to these e-mails, the chief of staff will continue to produce his "CSAF's Scope" to Airmen about Air Force issues. This address does not accept responses.

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