Mission & Strategy


PACAF delivers agile air, space, and cyberspace capabilities in support of USINDOPACOM's objectives, uniting allies and partners to enhance regional stability and security.


A lethal, innovative, and interoperable force upholding a free and open lndo-Pacific with decisive advantage from cooperation to conflict.


READY – We must be ready to cooperate with regional partners, ready to compete against peer adversaries, and ready to fight tonight should we be required to do so. Regardless of the geopolitical landscape, it is imperative that we provide multi-domain capabilities to support our national objectives. Taking steps to innovate and integrate during exercises and operations enhances readiness and lethality for ourselves, our allies, and our partners so we are ready to respond quickly, from humanitarian crisis to contingency.


RESILIENT – The challenges we face require both operational and force resiliency. Developing operational concepts centered on resilience and agility ensures our operations can quickly respond to changes and challenges. Our force resiliency depends on our caring for Airmen and their families, creating an environment where all can achieve their full potential.


POSTURED FOR THE FUTURE – The National Defense Strategy drives us to think about great power competition and our long-term capability to compete, deter, and win in the lndo-Pacific. We must pursue sound investments in base infrastructure and advanced technologies that ensure a readiness posture for whatever our Nation may ask of us in the future. Uniting with allies and partners over mutual values, interests, and security, while collaborating to improve interoperability, creates a region postured for success for years to come.